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Cam is the Field Editor for the magazine African Hunter.  Below are some of the articles he has authored.

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Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures




Pygmies Article.

B'Aka Pygmies

Forest Dwellers Article - part one.

Forest Dwellers - part 1

Forest Dwellers Article - part two.

Forest Dwellers - part 2

Heatstroke Article.

Cameroun - Heatstroke

Earthquake Article.


Congo Article.

Congo - 2002

Paradigm Shift Article.

Paradigm Shift

Gorilla Encounter Article.

Gorilla Encounter


The Heart of Africa Article.

The Heart of Africa


Cam Also has written for a number of other magazines and collected some interesting articles.

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net hunting african expedition magazine.

Net Hunting

chaillu article.

Chailu - Little Red Forest Buffalo

safari duikers article.

Safari Duikers on a Shoestring

Bongo Article.

The Bongo


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