Planning a Hunt: Bombazi Wilderness - Cameroon, Congo West Africa

 The cost is $9000 each for two or more hunters going together. It is $11,000 for a single hunter. These charges include gun import permit (we help you organize, and provide credit for funds spent), hunting license (we organize in Cameroon), and concession fees (we organize in Cameroon).  You organize your visa.

Our basic hunt has always been a fully outfitted hunt without a PH in attendance.  This is called “chasse libre” and has proved a very successful and economical hunting system.  This is legal in Cameroon and Congo. I may occasionally guide myself.  I am the only licensed American PH in Cameroon. I will personally work with you to have as many of the details organized as possible.  You will have my personal dedicated staff that has hunted with me for over 20 years.  My staff has conducted these hunts over 100 times.  You are in very experienced hands.  More than 50% of my hunters are repeat clients.  

This hunt is for 14-15 days in-country, of which you usually have 10-11 days of hunting.  We are with you the whole time from arrival at the airport until departure.  These notes are somewhat generic and conditions will vary depending on your camp or country as well as time of year.  Once you sign up for a specific hunt, power point presentations and details will be sent to you.  Hunting season is December 1-May 31 in the north and until July 31st in the south, where we hunt elephants.

Pricing for the 2016/7 seasons is $9,000 each for 2-3 hunters.  Solo hunters are $11,000.  Observers are $2,000 each.

All the hunts are priced at the same level except the special hunts in the King’s zone.



  • You get a complete list of what to bring and what is provided, down to your toothbrush.

  • I will recommend airlines and dates.  You pay travel to and from the country.

  • I will work with you ahead of the hunt to get your gun import paperwork & visa (you acquire those and pay for them) and hunting license in Cameroon completed (I acquire that and I pay for it).  You start all paperwork 3 months ahead of time.

  • All paperwork for licenses and visa as well as payments must sent to me two (2) months before departure.


  • I have a crew in-country that picks you up at the airport, Yaoundé (NSI airline code).  My staff is used to handling English and French speaking clients, but French is their primary language.  They will be with you until you leave.

  • I arrange and pay for all in-country transportation, which includes trains, my vehicles and/or a hired car to take you to the village or concession.  You may be on foot the whole rest of the time, depending on the type of hunt booked (see below). No charter airlines are needed.  You can try local airlines, but I do not recommend it. Some zones in the north are vehicle hunts without porters, where you go out daily from a permanent camp.

  • I arrange to loan you some basic bulky and camp gear and give you a list of your personal gear you bring.  You are responsible for all of your own personal gear. 

  • All your in-country food is purchased for you along with provisions for the staff.  I recommend you bring some freeze-dried food and snacks, but basic food is provided.  Camps with permanent lodging will have a better quality food, but food is not gourmet on any of the trips.  Almost all cooking, except the Kings concession, is done over an open fire.  At the government concession there is a hotel/bar about two hour’s drive away.  If you wish to go there additional charges apply to cover vehicles.  You can choose to stay there if you wish, at your expense.  Otherwise, we camp in tents on the concession.

  • I arrange to have someone to cook for you, trackers (usually pretty sharp) and porters (usually pretty dull).  You will have a staff of 7-9 personnel on a portaged safari.  In the north, where there will be fewer porters but more staff in the permanent camps.

  • My personal tracker (~20 years experience in this type of adventure) will handle all in-country arrangements and probably act as your camp manager, and most likely at least 2-4 others who have gone with me numerous times before.  There are experienced skinners in each camp, but you are still responsible for the oversight of the skinning.  In the north my year around anti-poaching staff will be your trackers, as they know the area intimately.

  • On arrival and before departure in Yaoundé we leave you at a hotel and pick you up the next morning.  A range of quality is available.  Trains to the north take off in the evening every day from both ends.

  • If your baggage is delayed I can rent you everything, including rifles.  (See below)



  • Trophy fees must be paid in local currency near the hunting location, very far from a bank or any wire service.  You will need to bring local currency or pre-pay the trophy fees, which will be reimbursed if you do not collect your desired animal(s).  Daniel, my Cameroun partner, will help you change money.

  • I will arrange to have paperwork completed at the end of the trip so trophies can be exported.


If you go, I require that you sign a waiver that you will not use my staff or go to any place I have shown you without my written permission.  Some of the areas I hunt are open zones, but have taken me many years to develop and I am the only PH who hunts them.

I am currently hunting a number of areas; these change yearly, so talk to me about what you want to do.  I can set up a hunt for any animal in Cameroun, but cannot set up a hunt for all of them on a single hunt.  


Here are some samples of what we are doing at the moment:

# 1  A 115,000 acre hunting concession that is the personal hunting concession of the King of Cameroun in the north.  Roan, waterbuck, kob, warthog, bhor reedbuck, Cameroun bushbuck, red river hog and two species duikers are present.  We have roan as the larger species on the concession.  We have found some eland and buffalo, but they are not prevalent.  You stay in the most comfortable camp we operate, next to a nice river with good fishing.  There is a regular kitchen with dining room to eat at.  Solar power provides light and necessities.  Beds are supplied with mosquito nets.  It is generally a hot hunt.  You go out daily from camp on foot or in a vehicle.  Should you wish you would have an audience with the king, if he were in court.

#2  These are “open” zones from the government.  They must be paid for up to a year in advance.  We can check availability at the last moment as well.  We use established camps and vehicles to go out daily. These historically have been the best zones we hunt for game harvested.  Recently we have had issues with herders in the zones.  Check with Cam.  Roan and/or buffalo opportunities had been ~100% in this zone until 2014.  You can expect multiple opportunities at game and eland are in the zone.  Cob, warthog, bhor reedbuck, oribi, Cameroun bushbuck and duikers are present.  You return to a permanent camping spot each night. Cooking is still very basic.  One option is to stay in the National Park headquarters.  You will be responsible for any charges associated with this, but it is a nice camp and run a generator every evening for several hours.  The rooms have AC for this short period of time.  This has historically been the least strenuous and most successful hunt we offer.  It has been my recommendation for all first-time hunters, but 2014/5 was a mess.  A new director is in place so we will see how 2016 goes.  You will find I try to keep up on all local conditions and will place you where I think you have the best chance of game.

#3  This is a foot savannah hunt for lord derby eland, northwestern buffalo, roan, western kob, warthog, oribi, bohr reedbuck, red river hog and others, in a community hunting zone where I have exclusive rights.  The area is about 200,000 acres in size.  A hard hunt and there are few of the smaller game, but decent herds of buffalo and we pull eland from this area every year.  This zone is our best if eland is your prime trophy, but it is a hard hunt.  You are on foot for the whole hunt and there are no established camps.  The animals are generally in the mountains.

#4  This is a forest elephant hunt (trophy not importable to the USA or EU at this time, but legal to hunt.)  There is almost no other game.  Elephants in this zone are prevalent and often are near villages destroying crops.  This ivory is “pink” in color.  5 kg. is required for ivory weight of the bulls to ensure maturity.  There are no pygmies in this zone.  Elephant are migratory and we try to time it correctly.

#5  Is a bongo area.  Bongo are in the zone, but do wander considerably.  Animals are tracked on foot and dogs released when you are close.    This area has a good chance at forest buffalo.  You are also likely to see some animals like bushbuck, kob, and you will get a chance at the forest duikers.  It combines forest and savannah hunting and has the widest variety of species.  You are on foot the whole time.  Recently poaching in the area has dampened my enthusiasm for this zone, so there are bongo, but chances of success are low.  I also work with a PH who has good bongo hunting but it is much more expensive.



I am currently taking a few clients on custom hunts to Congo Brazzaville.  Inquiries welcome.

As you can see we offer a wide variety of hunts depending on your desires, so contact me so we can discuss your requirements.


The only charge for extra animals is the trophy fee.  Here is a representative sample of the trophy costs.

Trophy fees for Cameroun Hunt


$ cost


$ cost

Elephant *


Red River / Wart Hog


Bongo *


Giant Forest Hog


Eland *




Buffalo *


Yellow Back Duiker [BLOCKED]

Temporarily Blocked

Roan *


Peter & other Duiker




Western Cob








* Denotes a group 1 animal, of which you are only allowed 2 per license on a hunt.  Four other animals are allowed per hunter/year (Group 2) You can shoot more than two of group 1 if you buy a second license at $1000 each, but never more than one male of each species.  Only males may be shot.  Wounded animals are charged at full rate.  (Blood found deems a wounded animal.)  Females are charged at double (2X) the rate.  No substitutions as only 4 of the group 2 animals are allowed per license.



Leopard, pangolin, water chevrotain, chimps, gorillas, Colobus monkey, yellowback duiker and others as deemed by the appropriate authorities.


“Mistakes” “Better” and “Free” animals

There are still rules on a self-guided hunt.  The rules of Cameroun law apply to all hunts conducted in the country.  When offered a “free” animal by the staff it is because they like meat.  There is no down side to you shooting a female or a young animal - to them.  They only get the meat anyway, but you will be slapped with a fine.   The staff has no authority to offer free animals.  If Cam or the game guards hears of it, he will charge the same as a female; and that is double the trophy fee.  You are not allowed to shoot “a better one” once you have shot a particular male of any species. 

Mistakes will happen, especially with roan and other animals where the females also have horns. Cam wants to hear about any mistakes from the hunter before he hears about them from the staff or authorities.  A solution can often be worked out.


Cam has permission to use any photos taken on the trip for his promotions.

Miscellaneous fees:

You are responsible for all hotels and restaurants.  A range of hotel quality ($40-300) is available.  


Cam may accompany a hunter for a mutually agreed upon fee.


If your baggage is delayed Cam can lend/rent you everything, including rifles.  He can arrange to have your lost baggage brought to you for $200.  


If you wish to use Cam’s rifles and shotguns, that can be arranged.  Cam has multiple .375 H&H’s available with Leupold scope(s).  Cam rents them out for $300/trip.  Shotgun rent for $100/trip.  Plan to bring your own shells.  Shells can be arranged if necessary.  There is a $500 fee for an additional interpreter, if requested.  It is not recommended.


Changing of hunting sites will incur a fee of $500.  There is no charge if this is due to lack of game (unanticipated poaching pressure, etc.).  Hunters booking the full price hunts can move between the three northern concessions at no extra charge, one time in each camp.

Tips in the range of ~$500-2500 (total) are welcome by those assisting in your memorable experience.  US dollars are welcome.


Non-hunters can come for a fee of $2000.  Additional days can be negotiated with Cam for $750/day.  

No alcohol is provided on these trips.  If you want some we can take you to a store to purchase it.  No alcohol is to be offered to any employee.



Cam will arrange to have paperwork completed at the end of the trip so trophies can be exported.  This includes all CITES and veterinary paperwork for export, even if you did not shoot any CITES controlled animal.  Cameroun issues CITES permits for any and all species regardless if they are CITES listed or not.  In fact if you shoot more than 4 trophies you need two CITES forms by Cameroun law.  Custom metal shipping containers are used.  Preparing the shipment, crating charges, required bribes are part of the fee.  All this is detailed in paperwork that will be given to you once you sign up for the hunt.  Cam arranges for air shipping.  Cam charges $1500 for all the export work.  You pay shipping fees.  You arrange for an import broker to receive the trophies and clear customs at your cost.


Cancellation/postponement policy:

Cancelation forfeits the full deposit.  If the hunt is postponed the deposit will be good for the following year, at the charges in effect at the time the hunt is taken.  Any funds spent on reservations or preparing the area for the hunter will be deducted.  If the fault s due to Cam he will give a full refund.  Only one postponement will be honored.


These hunts are true African adventures for experienced hunters.

The cost is $9000 each for two or more hunters going together. It is $11,000 for a single hunter. These charges include gun import permit (we help you organize, and provide credit for funds spent), hunting license (we organize in Cameroon), and concession fees (we organize in Cameroon).  You organize your visa.


 make a reservation.  

 How to plan a Cameroun Hunt.



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